Our Story

Where Adventure Meets Growth in the Heart of Alabama

Planted on the campus of Southern Preparatory Academy, Summers at Southern was founded in 2023 with the belief that summer camp should be fun, tech-free, and outdoors. Historically, the academy has offered summer camp programs and opportunities for many years. However, none have reached the caliber Summers at Southern accomplished in just a single summer.

By seamlessly blending thrilling off-campus adventures such as white water rafting, kayaking, and hiking with immersive on-campus activities like archery, paintball, and fishing, Summers at Southern optimizes the camp experience, ensuring campers make the most of their time.

Our first summer taught us many lessons. We learned the importance of teaching practical skills, like how to make a fire in the woods, and imparting life lessons with the intent of developing young men of character. We learned the importance of adaptability and flexibility, as the Alabama weather threw us many curveballs. But most importantly, we learned just how impactful summer camp can be. Experiencing campers learn, grow, and thrive was a source of immense personal fulfillment and motivation for each and every one of our Summer Staff.

The camp’s success ignited a passion within us, driving our determination to further expand and develop this program. As we continually evaluate the program and listen to feedback from campers, families, and Summer Staff, we hope to make improvements in each subsequent summer.

One tradition we are proud to share is the Hands of our Campers wall. This wall, which we hope will grow year after year, serves as a reminder of each camper’s impact on our program. As we said earlier, we believe camp is for campers! And we want this to feel like a home away from home. Each camper represents new lessons and opportunities for us, and we seek to highlight how they play a hand in shaping Summers at Southern.

As we plan and prepare for summer 2024, we eagerly anticipate the creation of more cherished memories, the arrival of new and old campers, and the establishment and continuation of Summers at Southern camp traditions.